Monday, April 16, 2012

Stay Classy Pittsburgh

Sears jacket / Forever 21 top and jeans / J.Crew necklace / Macy's necklace and earrings/ Nine West shoes / Michael Kors watch (gift)
Pittsburgh is known for its fanatic sports fans. The dedication does not end once football season is over, though. It goes on into the winter and spring months for its second favorite team, the Penguins. I am not even sure if second is a fair term, here, because the level of obsession is no different than during football season. It's just...hard to describe. I guess you have to be here. Friday night I did what every self-respecting Pittsburgher did. I found the nearest hospitality provider, donned my penguins-themed outfit (notice the black top and white pearls) and settled in for a night of hockey.

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