Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fall outfit: Denim and a button down

I don't love this outfit. I think it may look a little matronly, but I still wanted to share it because we all have our good outfit days and bad...right? right? anybody? Bueller?  I think if I try this again, I would let my hair down and untuck the shirt to balance out the length of the skirt and the formal-ness of the tights. And maybe I would wear more casual shoes next time that made me look less like a teacher/the wicked witch of the west. However, this outfit is extremely work appropriate, and I am always trying to strike a balance between stylish and work appropriate, so yay for that!
Shirt (courtesy of Jack Wills); Converse skirt (Plato's Closet); Tights (don't remember); Aldo shoes; Vintage necklace


Suburban Sweetheart said...

I don't think you look matronly! Though I think I'd like it best with loose, wavy hair. I'd never even think of a denim pencil skirt, but you totally pull it off well.

Christine said...

pretty outfit <3

xoxo Christine

Kendall said...

i love that you threw in a Ferris Bueller reference. Totally just made me your newest follower.

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