Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cape town

Every season there is one trend or one item that I can't live without. I fall deeply and madly in love. This year it is the cape/poncho. I am not sure that you can really tell the difference between the capes and ponchos in some cases, but I don't care. I love them in every form from the classic plaid to the updated 70s-style camel poncho. If you are like me, then you usually retro-engineer your regular sweaters into capes by taking your arms out of the sleeves and tucking them into the body of the sweater making a cocoon of warmth. The fact that with a poncho or cape I have the option to go sleeveless, makes this process a lot easier. Besides the obvious comfort they provide, there is something very chic about a cape. It's a little more special and a little more stylish than your regular pea coat or trench. Here are some that I thought looked especially stylish and cozy:

1. Modcloth, The Wanderer Cape, $57.99
2. John Smedley, Camel Ceres Merino Ribbed Cape, $231
3. Cooper and Stollbrand cape, $337
4. Modcloth, Retro Revival Cape, $52.99

1 comment:

simone leblanc said...

Aren't capes fantastic? Love your selections.

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