Monday, February 8, 2010

Little girl trench coat

Happy Monday! I hope you enjoyed the action from the Super Bow and took part in the great sales online. Did anyone make any good purchases while watching the game? Please share. I just love the style of this mom and her daughter. The oversize blazer and knee-high boots look so chic on the mom and the daughter's cute ballerina flats, mini trench coat, and pony tail are just perfection. I wish I could look as stylish as she does! haha

(Photo from Stockholm Streetstyle)


HeatherClark said...

that is too adorable!

Laurel said...

what there were sales online! omg sometimes I am SO out of it! Maybe it is better I didn't know. lol
I might of just bought a trench to match that little girls!

PS we need a bachelor support group. PPS Vienna is trashy and crazy.

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