Monday, November 2, 2009

Date night outfit: Onsie

The race was close between my onsie and my flower dress. It was neck and neck for a while, but in the end readers, you chose my flower dress. I have to say that I certainly appreciate your opinion and you were right that my flower dress was much more appropriate for the occasion. But I think I had my heart set on wearing my onsie the whole time, which is why I took your recommendations and dressed it down with these boots and the scarf. When I took out the plunging neckline it wasn't so bad. Right?


Dina's Days said...

Perfect!! You sly fox! I wasn't expecting this! Best out of all the outfits. Hope you had a great time!

Kalee said...

I like this the best! Cute, but not frumpy, nor too sexy.

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