Monday, November 23, 2009

Ads: Ralph Lauren

I want to start off the week with a gorgeous ad campaign by Ralph Lauren (scanned from Vanity Fair). I think this encapsulates what we all really want for Christms: classic styles, gorgeous diamonds, and luxury materials. I look at this image, and I wish that I was wearing that plaid shirt, those diamond earrings, and a faux fur blanky. What a fantasy this ad creates for the eager Christmas shopper. Here is to starting off the week with big dreams and high expectations. And I do have high expectations for the week because it's a three-day work week, I get to eat turkey on Thursday, and I get to see a special someone by the weekend. Happy Monday!


Alicia said...

Ah! I totally agree. She looks so chic in those basics! How did your Christmas shopping go???

Christina said...

I did well but I have to admit that most of my gifts came from Amazon. I got free shipping and they should be arriving by Nov. 30!

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