Thursday, January 8, 2009

Girl crush/style icon

I was reading a new blog today (Laurel), and it reminded me of how much I loved Audrey Tautou in the French film, Priceless. I saw the movie before I started blogging (I know it is hard to imagine a time in your life that existed before that) and I just loved how silly and romantic it was. I didn't mind it being in French either. It's such a beautiful language to listen to.

I loved the dresses she wore. She looked absolutely stunning in every shot. I would love to find out who designed this dress.

Here she is outside of the silver screen in her own outfit and styling. Not my favorite, but I don't care, she is still so cute!

1 comment:

Eric Rohr said...

Agreed. I think she's terrific. I held off watching Amelie for years because of Chris Kattan's SNL impression, and now I wonder why. She's so great in everything. She even made "The Da Vinci Code" bearable.

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